Thursday, August 29, 2013

Benefits of a Microchip

Many pet owners wonder if they should have a microchip inserted in their pet. As the graphic below illustrates, microchips do increase the chance a lost pet will be returned. However, pet owners should not think of a microchip as a substitute for a collar with accurate, up to date tags. Consider the number of pets found by neighbors or people who don’t have the technology to read a microchip but can read information on a tag and contact a pet’s owner.
But for lost pets who are taken to shelters or to a veterinarian’s office a microchip is often the only way to contact a pet’s owner.
If you are wondering if a microchip is a good idea for your pet, we encourage you to talk to your vet for their professional recommendation. In the meantime, check your pet’s tags to make sure they are securely fastened on the collar, the information is current and easy to read.

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