Sunday, April 17, 2011

What Does Working with an ACVS Diplomate Mean for Your Pet?

When it comes to veterinary medicine, or any kind of medicine for that matter, acronyms can be thrown around left and right with little explanation about what they mean. At VRCC, you may hear a lot about ACVS, so to help you stay informed and connected with what’s happening with your pet’s care and treatment, here is some general information about what it all means.
ACVS stands for American College of Veterinary Surgery. Founded in 1965, ACVS is the specialty board that sets the standards for veterinary surgery. Once a surgeon passes the certification examination, they become an ACVS diplomate. Around 65 veterinary surgeons earn this distinction each year.
When your veterinary surgeon is an ACVS diplomate, it means that they adhere to the highest professional standards in that field and that they will offer your pet the best care possible because they have proven surgical excellence.
When you have to make a difficult decision about caring for your pet, ACVS certification can make it much easier. Simply ask your veterinarian whether they are certified, and if they are, you can rest assured that your animal’s surgical needs will be well taken care of in the hands of a specialist. At VRCC, Dr. Peter Trevoris an ACVS Diplomate. They, along with surgeon Dr. Jean Frazho, are well-versed in how to best help your companion animal recover from an illness or injury.
To learn more about the credentials of the doctors and staff at VRCC, click here, or ask us about it when you come in for your next visit.

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