Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving For The Dogs

Many of our beloved pets enjoy Thanksgiving as much as we do.  They enjoy having extra time to play with their owners and going on long walks after a big family get together.    And of course, they love the food.
While a few bites turkey aren’t going to harm your dog,  other typical Thanksgiving foods just might.  So make sure you know what Thanksgiving day treats to stay away from, no matter how much they beg.
Avoid giving your dog high fat items like ham, gravy and turkey skin which can upset your dogs stomach and other digestive problems.
We all know dogs can be sneaky when it comes to getting a taste of turkey, so never leave plates with bones where your dog can reach them.    Turkey bones are dangerous for dogs and easily become lodged in their throat or even in their digestive system for days before you even suspect something is wrong.
Other herbs and vegetables commonly found in stuffing, like mushrooms, garlic and onions, can also be harmful to your pet and make them sick.

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